Do-it-yourself toolkit for soft robotics

Apr 16, 2015 —

To work directly together with humans, a robot needs to be flexible and soft. Conventional systems are insufficiently flexible for this purpose.

President’s Report 01/2015

Impossible to imagine automation without robots

Frankfurt, Mar 30, 2015 —

Robots and people working together.

ArcWorld makes it simple to adapt the flow according to the product mix

Mar 25, 2015 —

Hörle Automatic manufactures components for the automobile industry among others. The company has a wide range of machinery to enable fast and efficient production of both large and small volumes.

Fully automatic measuring system for welded components - More than 20 times faster

Mar 25, 2015 —

In the past, freshly welded components for exhaust gas systems for a major automation supplier were measured in a tactile measuring machine and tested for leaks in a separate, manual inspection gauge.

Aebi Schmidt takes major automation step with new welding robot systems

Mar 25, 2015 —

Aebi Schmidt, market leader in road de-icing solutions, has taken a major step in automating the production of its salt spreaders by investing in a Valk Welding welding robot system.

Let there be light

Mar 25, 2015 —

At opsira GmbH, innovative goniophotometers are becoming reality using KUKA robotsThe multi-functional “robogonio” light meter:


Industrial Robots

The IFR’s use of the term “industrial robot” is based on the definition of the ISO: an “automatically controlled, reprogrammable multipurpose manipulator programmable in three or more axes”

Robots Create Jobs!

OECD research shows: companies that employ technological innovation effectively are up to 10 times more productive than those that do not. This has a positive impact on competitiveness and jobs.

Service Robots

The International Organization for Standardization defines a “service robot” as a robot “that performs useful tasks for humans or equipment excluding industrial automation applications”

Robotics Research

The IFR fosters links between the robotics industry and institutes. Our members engage in an intensive exchange on new technologies and emerging robots at the International Symposium on Robotics ISR

Case Studies

Case Studies of Industrial and Service Robots. Robots in action can be found everywhere. Robot Manufacturers give examples of robot applications in different industries


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the worldwide federation of national standards organizations. Standards concerning robots are prepared by ISO Technical Committee 299 with the title “Robotics”



November 29- December 02, 2017

The International Robot Exhibition is one of the world’s largest robot trade shows, which is held once every two years and will mark its 22nd exhibition this year.


June 19- June 22, 2018

Everything at automatica revolves around optimizing your production operation. The trade fair features innovative automation and robotics solutions with pioneering key technologies for all branches of industry. So you can manufacture higher-quality products quicker and more cost effectively.

World Robot Summit 2018

October 17- October 21, 2018

WRS will bring together the world’s most advanced robots and robotic technologies along with researchers and developers of robots and key government and private industry players from around the world.


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