Challenges for future health care systems

Potential answers through medical robotics

Feb 28, 2024 — To fully understand the inherent value of medical robotics, one must first understand the fundamental challenges within most of the world’s health care systems. The global mega trend of ageing societies is altering demographics, through which rising prevalence and incidence of age-related diseases can be observed.

A new way forward

harnessing A.I. in robotics to make work better

Feb 13, 2024 — We’re in the midst of a decade of unprecedented transformation, driven in part by the global pandemic and geopolitical events which are fundamentally changing the way we manufacture and deliver goods.

The Transformative Role of Robotics in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Jan 24, 2024 — Sustainability, encompassing social, economic, and environmental aspects, has become a prominent topic in today's discussion. Amid this, the integration of robots and robotics technologies is emerging as a powerful tool in contributing to the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Service robots have the potential to provide support

Dec 13, 2023 — In general, the situation we all had to deal with during the last years strongly supported the acceptance of technology and digitalization. This sometimes created a hype for new robotic solutions and now we see some consolidation of this phase.

Industrial robotics again demonstrated its ability to perform extremely well against expectations

Nov 20, 2023 — As has already been widely reported during the last year, global economic and geopolitical challenges continued in force during 2022 and resulted in many unwelcomed operational constraints to industry and business.

Traditional robot programming vs AI & machine vision

Feb 27, 2023 — In AI in robotics research, Dr. Susanne Bieller, IFR General Secretary noted that programming and integration account for 50-70% of the cost of a robot application. Robot programming was a huge problem for a long time. It was time-consuming and economically unviable for high-mix production as the cost of switching from one product to another was very expensive.

The increasingly important role of robots in rehabilitation

Nov 03, 2022 — A rehabilitation robot is a service robot for professional use that provides physical and information-related assistance during therapy sessions to rehabilitate sensorimotor deficits after damage to the central nervous system (CNS). The therapy is performed by stimulating physiological limb muscles and peripheral receptors through functional arm/hand and leg movement exercises based on the neuroplasticity principle.

The service robotics market is opening up completely new opportunities

Nov 02, 2022 — Already for the third and obviously not the last time, we wrote the preface of “World Robotics Service Robots” under the influence of the pandemic (not to forget other global challenges, of course). While some things in our private and professional lives have more or less returned to normal, in other areas the effects of the pandemic are still manifold. Some of these effects have an immense influence on the perception and market development of service robots.



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