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Press Releases

Robotics Award 2021 goes to ABB´s PixelPaint car painting

IERA Award winner allows customized car designs

Frankfurt, Jun 09, 2021 — The 2021 “Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Robotics & Automation” (IERA) goes to PixelPaint technology of ABB. Two high-precision robots make car painting faster, more sustainable and flexible – helping manufacturers to efficiently respond to individual demands. Two-tone and customized designs are applied in one pass. The technology eliminates overspray benefitting the environment.

“The jury is pleased to honor ABB’s PixelPaint technology,with the 17th IERA Award,” says Jury Chair Rob Ambrose. “The innovative solution for automated car painting combines more flexibility and customization with reduced wasted paint for the well-being of the environment.”

No more paint is lost

In the past, 20 to 30 percent of paint was wasted due to overspray. By contrast, the inkjet head of PixelPaint applies 100 percent of the paint to the vehicle surface – improving environmental impact. The technology also significantly increases efficiency in car painting. Previously, applying a two-tone or customized design was a time and labour-intensive process. The vehicle had to be put through the painting line twice. With the new technology, customized painting speeds increased by 50 percent. PixelPaint also eliminates the process of masking and de-masking each car, helping to reduce bottlenecks.

© ABB Robotics
© ABB Robotics

“In today’s fiercely competitive automotive manufacturing market, vehicle producers need solutions that can help them to improve their flexibility, efficiency and cost competitiveness while delivering a high-quality paint finish, including individualized options to meet the growing demand for non-standard and customized designs,” said Joerg Reger, Managing Director of ABB Robotics Auto OEM Business Line.

International Federation of Robotics (IFR) congratulates

“I congratulate ABB on winning the IERA award 2021 against strong competition,” said Milton Guerry, President of the IFR. “The four finalists have all presented a success story of an innovative product in robotics and automation which combine the needs of today’s manufacturers with a high degree of user-friendliness.”

The finalists

Barcelona-based INFAIMON presented its InPicker – a universal pick and place system for industrial applications. Berlin-based Micropsi Industries took part with its MIRAI software – an AI-driven control system that enables industrial robots to deal with variance in production. Mobile Industrial Robots from Odense in Denmark presented the MiR250, a user-friendly mobile robot that optimizes material handling workflows across industries.

About IERA-Award

The IERA Award highlights and honors the achievements of innovators with value creating ideas and entrepreneurs who propel those ideas into world-class products. The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE/RAS) and the IFR jointly sponsor the award - underlining their determination to promote stronger collaboration between science and industry in robotics.

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Copyright for all pictures and video: ABB Robotics

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Press Photos

Hospital Disinfection


UV Disinfection Robot moves around in a hospital

Assembly and Testing

© Staubli

Assembly and test of smartphones with a SCARA and a 6 axis robot from Stäubli.


© Staubli

Assembly application of E-mountainbikes Cube with a TX2-140 robot from Stäubli.


© Staubli

Monitoring of the production with a Stäubli TS2-100 robot.


© Staubli

Programming of a Stäubli TS2-100 SCARA robot.

Internal Logoistics

© Mobile Industrial Robots A/S

Autonomous mobile robots transport pallets from the depot to the warehouse, manned hightrucks take over.

Hygiene Logistics

© Mobile Industrial Robots A/S

KEN Hygiene has developed a fully automated sterile center using autonomous mobile robot that works as the logistical link.

Warehouse Logigstics

© Mobile Industrial Robots A/S

Automous mobile robot transports finished products from assembly lines to the warehouse - optimization of internal logistics

Cobot Palletizing


Safe palletizing with Yaskawa collaborative robot

Deburring and Chamfering


Robot deburring cell with the Yaskawa handling robot deburring and chamfering all types of gearing components.

Car Measurement


Turn-key complete cell MANTIS with Yaskawa handling robot enables measurement of a car side door in a matter of minutes.

Collaborative Robot Programming

© Photoneo

Programming and working with a collaborative robot.

Robot Vision

© Photoneo

Adjustments on an industrial robot and the vision system

Robot getting Eyes

© Photoneo

Mechanic setting up the vision system on an industrial robot.

Aluminum Welding

© OTC Daihen

Robot twin system of two robots and a positioner - fully automated aluminum welding with high-speed welding process AC/MIG.

Aluminum Work


The HSD electrospindles are used for robotic milling applications on aluminum frames.

Marble Work


HSD electrospindles working even on rigid surfaces like marble.

Milling Application


The HSD electrospindles are used for robotic milling applications

Total Freedom of Movement - 7 Axis

© Duerr

The robot with a seven axis reaches every spot in the car body. This can eliminate the need for a linear displacement rail.

Overspray-free Paint Application

© Duerr

EcoPaintJet is an innovative system for automated, highly defined paint application without any overspray.

Sealing Application

© Duerr

Robot EcoRS 30L16S with shortened arm 1 is particularly suitable for sealing applications inside car bodies.



Automous mobile robots safely and efficiently transport different payloads in manufacturing and warehouse logistics operations.

Cobot Application


Collaborative robots can work side-by-side with humans in many applications, e.g. closing CNC machine.

Scara Production Line


Seamless integration of robots and machine control allows flexible manufacturing of fixed industrial robots



YASKAWA robots assemble robots for automation of the factory

Digital Supply Chain


The body-in-white plant KUKA Toledo Production Operations set new milestone in terms of digital supply chain and Industrie 4.0.

Soft Hand Gripper

© qbrobotics srl

SoftHand grasping a trolley handle with ability changing the angle of the wrist

Food Packaging

© OnRobot

Heavy and monotone tasks can be taken from the employees with a collaborative robot and special gripper.


© OnRobot

The OnRobot RG6 gripper is changing tests quickly by simply clipping and unclipping at L'Oréal.

Primary Packaging

© OnRobot

Two sets of dual gripper stack plastic molded containers, making them ready for packaging.

Smart Production


Smart Production in a factory

Cobot mounted on AMR

© NEURA Robotics GmbH

LARA (Lightweight Agile robotic assistant) mounted on MAV (Multi-Sensing Autonomous vehicle) palletizing products

Wire Cutting


A FANUC Robot LR Mate 200iD is loading a WireCut EDM machine

Collaborative Robot


YUMI is ABB's collaborative robot on the market

Electronics industry


Robots at assembly line in the electronics industry

Automotive welding


Robots welding car chassis in the automotive industry

Automotive welding


Robots welding parts in the automotive industry

UR5 - A highly flexible robot arm

© Universal Robots

UR5 robots (payload 5kg) carry out machine tending on CNC machines

UR3 - ultra-flexible table-top robot

© Universal Robots

UR3 robots (payload 3kg) to screw drive the caps on consumer goods at MARKA.

Cheese Handling

© Staubli

Cutting and Handling of Cheese


© Staubli

Automotives - Automation



Using the teach pendant for programming, or touch up of previously made offline programs.


© CoolGraphics/Yaskawa

MOTOMAN dual arm robot in a co‐worker robot cell separates, airs and moves stacks of printed paper sheets.



The MOTOMAN dual arm robot in a biomedical cell where it performs all the necessary tasks in a laboratory environment.


© BlueBotics 2017

Cleanfix - RA 660 - ANT driven cleaning a floor

ANT driven AGV

© BlueBotics 2017

AGV Scandinavia - ANT driven forklift

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