Research and Development (R&D) of new robot technologies has become more important than ever before. Most countries invest in robotics – mainly at government level. This trend has been strengthened in recent years. Through diversification and the establishment of robot technologies, investment in new robot technologies has become larger than before, and the application spectrum of such R&D on robotics is now broader. New drivers such as artificial intelligence, Big Data and 5G will drive governments from Asia, Europe and America to further invest in robotics.
The targets of the officially driven government research funding programs are summarized for the first time by the International Federations of Robotics in its paper “World Robotics R&D Programs”.
In January 2023, a new update has been published.

What you will find...

In-depth information about the successful programs of 12 regions

  • China’s Key Special Program on Intelligent Robots in 2022
  • Japan's New Robot Strategy
  • Korea's Basic Plan on Intelligent Robots
  • EU's Horizon Europe Robotic-related Work Program 2021-2022
  • Germany’s High-Tech Strategy 2025
  • United States’ NRI 3.0, DoD Unmanned System & Robotics Program & NASA's Artemis Lunar Program
  • Plus: Italy, Sweden, Canada,
  • New countries added: Australia, Switzerland, UK
ISR Europe
Our members engage in an intensive exchange on new technologies and emerging robots at the International Symposium on Robotics (ISR). The ISR is the main conference of the IFR, being organized every year on a different continent and different country since 1970. The ISR is systematically organized in conjunction with an International Robot Exhibition.
IERA Award
The IFR sponsors the prestigious IERA Award (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award) together with IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE/RAS). The award recognizes outstanding achievements in commercializing innovative robot and automation technology.

IFR Research Lectures

The IFR invites young academics to share research and development on robotics in IFR Research Lectures. They focus on:

  • International knowledge exchange and practical experience on a detailed level
  • Promoting collaboration on an international high-level basis for future projects and proposals
  • Promotion of excellent researchers and strengthening the international community in robotics
Research Committee

IFR Research Committee

  • Develops and promotes the International Symposium on Robotics ISR, e.g. by supporting the collection and selection of high quality papers
  • Supports the IERA Award
  • Responsible for IFR Research Lectures
  • Represents R&D Institute members that meet once a year during the ISR
  • Designates representatives to the IFR General Assembly
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