World Robotics 2023 will be published

Robot sales surge in Europe, Asia and the Americas

Sep 20, 2023 — The International Federation of Robotics IFR will present the sales figures of industrial and service robots of 2022 on 26 September 2023 in Stuttgart during their annual press conference. These figures will cover the global market.

The detailed figures will be published in separate studies World Robotics - Industrial Robots and World Robotics - Service Robots. Customers with pre-orders will get access to the data on the publication date, others may place their order now. A press release and presentation of selected markets will be available on this webpage as well.

Preliminary figures show: robot installations remain high

IFR published already preliminary 2022 results for the North American market and for the European market indicating continued growth from a high level in both regions. Robot installations in North America grew by 10% to more than 49,000 units, remaining just shy off the record level achieved in 2018. Europe saw a 3% growth to 84,000 units.

The World Robotics reports

World Robootics - Industrial Robots: This unique report provides global statistics on industrial robots in standardized tables and enables national comparisons to be made. It presents statistical data for around 40 countries broken down into areas of application, customer industries, types of robots and other technical and economic aspects. Production, export and import data is listed for selected countries. It also offers robot density, i.e. the number of robots per 10,000 employees, as a measure for the degree of automation.

World Robotics - Service Robots: This unique report describes marketable products, tasks, challenges and new developments by service robots application. The report includes the results of the annual IFR service robot survey on global sales of professional and consumer service robots and an industry structure analysis including a full list of all service robot producers known to the IFR. The study is jointly prepared with the robotics experts of Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart.

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