Mobile Automated PCR Testing System for COVID-19

Dec 09, 2021 — The spread of COVID-19 is restricting people's activities, having a devastating effect on all industries. Under these circumstances, the resumption of travel by people for economic recovery has become an urgent social issue of concern not only for Japan but also for governments and industries around the world.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, together with Medicaroid Co., Ltd. and Sysmex Corporation, has been working since the early stages of the spread of COVID-19 to develop an automated PCR testing system using robots to protect healthcare workers from infection risks.

This system automates and automates processes that involve infection risks using robots to protect the safety of medical personnel and to implement the procedures from the acceptance of specimens to the notification of test results in a short time (within 80 minutes) in cooperation with hospitals.

The system also packages the inspection system into 40 foot containers (processing capacity per container: 2,000 samples/16 hours), making it easy to move to a place where many people gather, and by increasing or decreasing the number of units, it is possible to flexibly respond to the number of inspections required.

The use of general-purpose robots makes it easy to change the process, making it applicable to various infectious diseases such as influenza.

First, Kawasaki started introducing pre-flight inspections at international airports in order to recover demand in the airline industry, which has been greatly affected by the decrease in international traffic. On September 22, 2021, the PCR Test Service for International Departure Passengers started at the PCR Test Center opened in Kansai International Airport (KIX) with Kansai International Airport Clinic of Kinki University School of Medicine.

With this service, the inspection time at the airport can be significantly shortened, and a negative certificate can be issued in as little as three hours from the reception of the PCR test.

In addition, by installing them at stations and at venues for sports and large-scale events, Kawasaki will contribute to the recovery of people's traffic and the elimination of restrictions on activities, and to the resumption and restoration of economic activities.

Features of the Mobile Automated PCR Testing System

  1. Reduced time with the default PCR test, a method already recognized in the world (testing in 80 minutes or less)
  2. Robotic automation and automation reduce the burden on physicians and healthcare professionals
  3. Simplifies operation and saves personnel while ensuring safety by remote control
  4. Mass production at the request of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Medical Association
  5. Space-saving (Inspection system fits in 40 foot container and can be moved)

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