Robots Create Jobs!

Empirical analysis of economic data and forecasts show that automation and the use of robots create new jobs by increasing productivity.

The positive impact that the increased productivity of robots has on employment can already be seen in the most advanced industrial nations. The US automotive industry, for instance, installed more than 60,000 industrial robots between 2010 and 2015. During this same period, the number of employees in the US automotive sector increased by 230,000. In the German automotive sector the number of robots in operation increased to more than 93,000 units in 2015, a rise of about 14,000 compared to 2010. In the same period, employment rose by about 93,000 jobs to 813,000 (2010-2015). According to the McKinsey Global Institute, more than 90 percent of jobs will not be fully automatable in the future. Instead, robots and humans will work together.