Portrait of Yasmin Al Enazi

One of 10 Women Shaping the Future of Robotics in 2024

Motivation and Beginnings

I studied the robotics and automation specialization based on my father recommendation. My fascination with robotics began during my early days of existence in the university, as lines of code converged into intelligence. I found myself drawn to the intersection of hardware and software—the realm where machines come alive.

Motivation and Curiosity - Robotics promised a playground where the prospect of building robots that mimic human abilities—whether it’s walking or grasping objects—filled me with wonder an elderly person regain independence through a robotic companion was unparalleled. This led me to build my graduation project to translate my motivation 2010 " Robotic wheelchair " for indoor application at the university of Technology. This project got top prize by government as 3rd one with engineering field among all universities in the republic of Iraq where I studied this unique field 2007- 2010.

Career Path: From Code to Real-World Impact

The thrill of writing code that made robots dance, navigate mazes, or recognize faces fueled my passion. I reveled in late-night lab and sites sessions, debugging errors, justifying ROI for systems and collaborating with brilliant minds of my colleagues.

Industry Adventures: Transitioning to industry, I joined a robotics startup at the beginning of 2018. Here, deadlines replaced semesters, and real-world challenges tested my mettle. Each project was a puzzle—a chance to apply theory to tangible problems.

Human-Robot Interaction: My heart lay in human-robot interaction. I explored how robots could assist the elderly and teach children. The joy of seeing a child’s eyes light up when a robot tells stories like my baby Sultan feeling by playing with robots and proudly saying to his friends at the kindergarten „my mom is working with robots”.

Ethics and Bias: As I delved deeper, I grappled with ethical dilemmas. How do we ensure fairness in AI algorithms? How can we prevent bias from creeping into robotic decision-making? These questions became my compass, guiding me toward responsible innovation.

The Road Ahead

The field of robotics is fast, ever-evolving, and brimming with possibilities with AI and IOT. I see a future where robots collaborate seamlessly with humans—whether in factories, hospitals, or our homes. I envision robots that learn from their mistakes, and adapt to new environments. Last April 2024 and as an Ecosystem builder for robotics industry in MEAN Region, I cofound women in robotics local chapter in the United Arab Emirates to be the 20th globally for the WIR organization located in USA as HQ.

I would like to said "Robotics is not just about gears and circuits; it’s about shaping a better tomorrow—one idea, one algorithm, one sensor, one servo at a time" Yasmin Al Enazi, nee Abdul Salam Ali.

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Yasmin Al Enazi

Women in Robotics 2024

Director Business Development & Corporate Alliance UAE Country, MARSES Robotics

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