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Increased Productivity at Okura Kogyo

Mar 20, 2023 — Okura Kogyo is a Japanese manufacturer of logistic equipment and systems. Their offering includes design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of conveyors and conveying systems.

The Challenge

At Okura Kogyo, the staff would manually load and unload workpieces (rollers) from the processors to trolley. The manual process needs to be done carefully to avoid damaging the workpiece. Like other manufacturers globally, the company is also facing labor shortages. As such, the company was looking for a way to optimize their current resources and to increase productivity and efficiency.

“To survive and thrive in an uncertain and rapidly changing world, we need to innovate at speed and to keep pace with technology and industry change.,” says Takashi Totogawa, Director of Okura Kogyo.

The Solution

Collaborative application is a clear choice for Okura Kogyo

Combining OnRobot VGC10 gripper and Omron cobot, the manual processes of loading and unloading workpieces are fully automated.

The VGC10 gripper has a customized fixture with 4 suction cups and is programmed to handle 2 rollers at a time to match the production cycle. With unlimited customization to fit various needs, the compact, lightweight VCG10 gripper is perfect for tight space and is able to lift small, odd-shaped, and heavy objects even with a smaller robot arm.

The collaborative application is installed on a mobile container, which can be moved and plugged in anywhere, anytime. It does not require big footprint and it is able to work safely alongside employees; no safety fence is needed.

“Setting up collaborative application was fairly quick, we only took 3 days for the complete deployment.” says Mr. Hiroki Kuribayashi, Sales Manager.

The Benefit

Employees of Okura Kogyo now do not have to perform strenuous, repetitive work on the machine. They no longer need to be stationed at the machine for hours and they are able to focus on higher value duties. Collaborative application has helped Okura Kogyo achieve an ROI of 11% while maintaining work safety and high quality output.

About Okura Kogyo

Established in 1964 in Kakogawa City, Okura Kogyo is Japanese manufacturers of logistic equipment and systems. The company has around 139 employees in Japan.

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