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Sep 13, 2010 —

The World Robotics 2010 studies of Industrial Robots and Service Robots have been published on 14 September 2010.

Åke Lindqvist, IFR-President
Dear Members,

World Robotics 2010 is published today!

As you all know, we have now two editions:

  • World Robotics 2010 Industrial Robots
  • World Robotics 2010 Service Robots

Both studies are accepted worldwide as the most valuable and most reliable surveys concerning the worldwide robotics industry, in the industrial robot sector as well as in the service robot sector. The study on industrial robots is the result of the close and fruitful cooperation of the IFR Statistical Department with the robot suppliers and the national robot associations. Martin Hägele, Chairman of the IFR Service Robot Group and his team in the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart, Germany improved the study on service robots to the most comprehensive survey on this expanding industry in the world. I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to all who made their contribution to the studies.
World Robotics 2010 Industrial Robots analyses the difficult year 2009 with a promising view to 2010 and the period of 2011 to 2013. The robotics industry is back on track. The demand for industrial robots is surging since the beginning of 2010. The main driver of the recovery is the automotive industry which has restarted to invest in new technologies, further capacities and renovation of production sites. The General Industry - all other industries, except automotive - already has increased its robot investments between 2005 and 2008. This will continue between 2010 and 2013.

The diversity of the use of robots is increasing. Consumer products are increasingly individualized with quick times to market (meaning more versions or variants of the goods available for the consumers). This requires flexible automation. Robots, once programmed for several processes can easily switch from process to process. The efficiency of production has been increased in standard applications: more flexibility, more accuracy and easier programming.

But we have to continue to expand industrial robotics automation into every segment. The robotics industry as a whole must help solve the limitation in robotics solution integration capacity around the world. The high volume orders will still come from the automotive industry. But there are many small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in the category of general industry. As a matter of fact, a substantial portion of the purchased robots in the general industry sector comes from the SMEs. However, many SMEs still do not invest in robots or if they do, it is at low quantities. Never the less, there is a great potential for having a large volume of purchased robots in the general industry if the SMEs increasingly start to order robots even at small quantities. Due to the large number of these existing companies even low quantities of orders can result in a large volume. The robot manufacturers have a grate responsibility here, to develop technologies making it easier for SMEs to use, to program and to integrate robots into solutions e.g. for shorter production batches. There are actually signs of this, which makes me feel positive for the future of the SMEs’ contribution to the overall robotics industry
To see more details on the robotics industry, please order the studies!

We are also looking forward to the 42nd International Symposium on Robotics, the ISR 2011 which will be hosted by our IFR member association RIA from 21 to 24 March 2011 during the Automate Show and Conference in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Automate is collocated with ProMat, North America’s largest material handling and logistics show. Please save the date in your datebook! We will also have our annual IFR meetings in this week.

Best Regards

Åke Lindqvist
IFR President

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