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Dec 13, 2011 —

Between 4 and 11 October 2011, 16 young researchers from all over the world participated in the first IFR Research Lectures which were hosted by the Fraunhofer-Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation.

The institute is one of the leading German research institutes specialized in Human-Robot-Collaboration. Main features of the IFR Research Lectures are:

  • International knowledge exchange and hands-on exercises
  • Promoting collaboration on an international high-level basis for future projects and proposals
  • Professional education and strengthening the international community in robotics

Lab TourProfessors, postdocs and other specialists presented lectures, discussed and provided advanced trainings in the field of Human-Robot-Collaboration. Beside the scientific core program there were excursions to KUKA Roboter, Duerr Systems, and Daimler. Cultural events around Stuttgart completed the program.

The young researchers were very enthusiastic about the whole event. A participant summarized: “I recommend the IFR lectures because of a perfect mixture of the workshop that gave a very good overview about what is happening in robotics research, of very interesting insides into robotic companies and networking/social events with experts from all over the world.”

Finally the participants made some useful recommendations to still improve the future IFR Research Lectures. There is no doubt that the IFR will continue to organize these events.Robot DemonstrationProfessor Dr. Alexander Verl, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute and Chairman of the IFR Research Committee, created the idea and organized the week with his team. He was very pleased about the successful event for young researchers.

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