With a load capacity of 650kg and reach of 2.70 meters, the new SMART NJ 650 completes the range of Comau robots dedicated to applications requiring strength and a high reach.

March 2015
The Comau family of robots has added a new model, SMART NJ 650, with an elevated payload to complete its range of high payload robots. The new machine surpasses the previous version, SMART NJ 500, and was designed to meet the market’s need for robots than can efficiently manipulate components of significant size and weight.
From a technical point of view, the robot can handle a payload of up to 650 kg, has a maximum horizontal reach of 2.70 meters and ISO 9283 repeatability from 0.15 mm. Like Comau’s other heavy load and high reach robots, the SMART NJ 650 is characterized by high stiffness, a compact, space-saving design and an optimized load capacity / payload relationship.
The SMART NJ 650 is perfect for multiple industrial applications, including handling, spot welding of large body parts for the automotive sector, and the manipulation of heavy components for machine tending operations, as well as palletizing, deburring and polishing, packaging and machining in general. It can be also be deployed within the food & beverage industry, foundry operations or virtually any other industrial sector.
Arturo Baroncelli, Segments Management Director at Comau, says, "The new SMART NJ 650 allows us to expand and strengthen our presence in market segments that need to process heavy pieces. It also enables us to respond to new production areas that increasingly require robots with a large payload capacity."

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