A new compact robot that leverages the Turin multinational's experience with Racer 7-1.4: the 7kg payload and less than a meter reach deliver record performance.

January 2015
The presentation of Comau’s newest robot, Racer 999, was held Wednesday, January 21st at the company’s headquarters in Grugliasco (To). The six-axis articulated robot inherits all the key features of its "older brother" Racer 7-1.4, a product that has had incredible success since was introduced just a year ago, and adds unique features that complement the Italian company’s wide range of products.
With a reach of under a meter in length (999mm), Racer 999 is particularly suited for applications in a limited space including assembly, handling, machine tooling, packaging and more.
Designed for a payload of 7 kg, the robot can carry up to 10 kg with a limited excursion of the axis 5 for high-speed Pick & Place, and is undeniably the fastest in its category. In addition, it can be mounted in a classic ground-mount position as well as on the wall, ceiling or on inclined supports.
Comau, as usual, has not forgotten about design and style. Within Racer 999 the physiognomy of a human muscle takes the geometric shape of a robot. The lines of the machine offer a dynamism that comes to life in the wave that characterizes the casing of the wrist; the curves are directly related to the speed with which the trajectory points are met with an unmatched pace and fluidity.
Passion and beauty come together to deliver efficiency and technological excellence. In addition to the base of the robot, which has been designed to assure maximum stability, Racer 999 can count on E-motion software to optimize movements and increase their fluidity in order to reduce cycle times by up to 25% compared to the previous-generation robot. The reduced dimensions of the robot and the controller also provide lower energy consumption thanks to the installed energy reduction system in accordance with the eComau Energy Management System principles.
Finally, Racer 999 retains the technology platform featured in Racer 7-1.4, which means that the control (C5Compact), Teach Pendant (TP5), engines and spare parts are exactly the same. This enables economies of scale and maximum integration at an automation level, thereby confirming the power, speed and accuracy within a reduced mechanical size that is 30% more rigid compared to Racer 7-1.4.

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