Tokyo, Sep 27, 2018 — The World Robot Summit 2018 (WRS) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 17, 2018 to 21. The WRS is a "Robot Competition and Exposition Integrated Event” gathering robot excellence from all over the world, i.e. it is composed of "Robot Competition" (WRC; World Robot Competition) and "Robot Exhibition" (WRE; World Robot Exposition).

In the WRC, world challengers will compete for higher robot performance by realizing practical technologies as well as practitioners who realized excellent robot performance will be honored. Taking account of recent robot technology maturity, the combination of such technologies will accelerate the development of practical technology by gathering the public’s knowledge. The WRE also accelerates the social implementation of robots by such exhibition to attract public attention and such presentation to make clear the future robotics trends.

Furthermore, the WRS2018 aims at integration synergy between WRE and WRC by repeating the following loop, i.e. at first in WRE, we will demonstrate the present state of robot technology and the future trends and imaged to be aimed at, and then at WRC, we will carry out the competition according to that road map presented in the WRE. Consequently the developed practical technology of the excellent performance and the practitioner of the competition promotes social implementation via cooperating with the company and the regional stakeholders. Finally, it leads to the next WRS based on the updated road map.

During this WRS2018 period, we will present not only the purpose and significance of the WRS as well as the road maps but also we will have Robot Awards Ceremony and Forum consisting of introduction of latest robot technology, efforts of government and local governments to social implementation of robot (WRE). In such four categories of robot contest of manufacturing, services, infrastructure / disaster response, and junior, competition will be carried out with prize money of 2 billion yen (1.8M USD) and support costs involving 134 teams from 24 countries.

As a chair-person of the executive committee of the WRS, I would like to ask all the participants to encourage this 2018 Tokyo convention by making full use of this WRS as an opportunity to find out practical technologies and practitioners at WRC, and also an opportunity to aware the state of the art and future of social implementation of robot technology at WRE to link these results to realize robot utilization society in the future.

Finally, I really hope the purpose of the WRS (set in 2015) of “accelerate technology development and social implementation by holding international events with wide and full social appeals” will be realized in the Aichi convention in 2020. We look forward to your thoughtful understanding and continued cooperation in the future.

Author: Professor Tomomasa Sato, Chairman, World Robot Summit

Webpage: http://worldrobotsummit.org/en/

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