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Mar 11, 2011 —

The whole world is concerned of the terrible catastrophe and the consequences which are still not fully apparent.

March 2011

Åke Lindqvist, IFR-President
Dear Members,

The whole world is concerned of the terrible catastrophe and the consequences which are still not fully apparent. On behalf of the IFR community, I would like to express my deep sympathy to our Japanese colleagues. In these days our thoughts are with all Japanese people. We wish hope, confidence und help from all over the world. This catastrophe overshadows all.

Therefore it is difficult to turn to all the good news of our robotics business. The robotics industry is looking back to one of its most successful years and is looking ahead with confidence to 2011. The robotics industry is back on track. We are looking forward to a successful AUTOMATE 2011 in Chicago (21 to 24 March 2011) and an interesting International Symposium on Robotics -ISR (21 to 24 March 2011) in parallel to the show.

And the International Federation of Robotics, the IFR, is in good shape:
We have been breaking new ground to involve in the IFR community developing robot markets which not yet have robotics associations. Our efforts over months now turned into the first results:

  • We recently signed an expression of interest with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). India. This partnership is a first step to involve a future Indian Robotics Association in the IFR community.
  • Recently we received information about the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES) that a professional Committee on Robotics will be established. CMES is making preparations for joining the IFR.

The IFR will be at the AUTOMATE 2011 in Chicago (21 - 24 March 2011)

  • Information booth
  • IFR CEO Round Table on 22 March 2011
    • Presentation of the first results of World Robotics 2011
    • Round Table Discussion on “Being competitive with robotics” with
      • John Dulchinos, CEO Adept, USA
      • Ake Lindqvist, IFR President, Germany/USA
      • Masahiro Ogawa, Chairman Yaskawa America, USA/Japan
      • Stu Shepherd, President, KUKA America, USA/Germany
      • Dr. Michael Wenzel, CEO Reis Robotics, Germany
      • Kevin Ostby, Vice President, FANUC Robotics America, USA/Japan
      • Moderated by Bill Lydon, Automation.com, USA

    • Get together - opportunity to discuss in small groups

  • Annual meetings of the IFR on 23 and 24 March 2011
    • General Assembly
    • Industrial Robot Suppliers
    • Research Committee
    • Service Robot Group

The IFR Statistical Department is continuously improving the quality of the world statistics on robots.

My time of office is now ending. A new President will be elected in Chicago. I would like to thank all of you for your support to improve the IFR.

Best regards

Åke Lindqvist
IFR President

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