Jun 24, 2020 — World Robotics 2020 will be published in September 2020. Orders will already be accepted. With your pre-order you will get immediate access to World Robotics 2019 and in September for the 2020 edition.

Robotics is a hot topic these days!

Many cutting edge technologies are connected with the field of robotics, like machine learning and AI, IIOT, man-machinecollaboration or autonomous mobile systems. Intelligent robots are the crucial part of digitalization of the manufacturing industry.

The global manufacturing industry is facing big challenges however, like rapidly changing consumer trends, shortage of resources, shortage of skilled workers, aging society, and demand for local productions.

Flexible industrial robot-based automation delivers the solution to all these challenges. World Robotics observes the robotics industry and offers profound statistical data. It is your key to the world of industrial robots and service robots.

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