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May 31, 2012 —

Journalists from all over the world didn’t miss the opportunity to get the most current data of the world market of industrial robots, to listen to the discussion of CEO’s of major industrial robot companies on the breakthrough with industrial robots and to interview the top robot experts.

The main results were:

  • The automotive industry will continue to be the innovator for new technology and the main driver of the growth of robot sales.
  • There is still a huge potential for robot installations in China. Chinese customers are very challenging and reliable. There will be Chinese robot suppliers in the future. The robotics industry is looking forward to a challenging competition.
  • Safety regulations still demand further improved solutions of the man-machine cooperation.
  • The General Industry needs more specialized, more flexible and more easy-to-use robotics solutions. The number of customers is strongly increasing.New materials and improved technology reduce energy consumption of industrial robots.

Participants of the IFR CEO Round Table:

  • John Dulchinos, CEO, Adept, USA
  • Manfred Gundel, CEO, KUKA Roboter, Germany
  • Olaf Gehrels, President, FANUC Luxembourg Corp., Luxembourg
  • Yoshikatsu Minami, Director and General, Manager Robotics Division, Yaskawa Electric Corp., Japan
  • Per Vegard Nerseth, Head of ABB Robotics, Switzerland

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