Since 2011, the European Robotics Association "euRobotics" has successfully called on all European companies, institutes and institutions to bring robotics to the general public. Last year, more than 1,000 events took place in 36 countries!

Originally conceived as an initiative for schools to teach children and adolescents computer science, mathematics and sciences with robotics, the ERW has meanwhile managed to reach out to an even broader population group: robotic research institutes and companies are organizing open house days, technical museums organize special tours, competitions with robots from construction kits take place. Young people in particular are fascinated by robots. They also want to know which career opportunities are open to them. The technological change also brings new professions with it. Discussed in public events about the future of work, care, our consumer behavior - and our culture and art: Discourses on robots in movies and in music are constantly growing interest. Concentrating on a single week ensures diversity and engagement, but also takes a look beyond this week. The European dimension brings breadth and additional insights - perhaps an European perspective will also be reached that will allow us to understand and allow robotics, and which is compatible with our values and calls us to action.

In the meantime, the media is actively involved - with talk shows, discussions and documentary reports on the state of robotics and economic and social opportunities and risks. Due to the rapidly growing response, politics has also become beware of ERW, so that the ERW has been opened since 2014 from a central event with a presence in politics, business, science, education and culture (2014 Toulouse, 2015 Bristol, 2016 Amsterdam , 2017 Brussels).


The 51st International Symposium on Robotics (ISR 2019 Americas) takes place at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, USA. The conference is organized in conjunction with the Automate show.

Sponsored by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the ISR is an event that is hosted all over the world, bringing new global insights on the latest in robotics applications and research. The ISR was fully integrated into the Automate 2019 conference sessions, allowing all participants to learn about the newest developments in robotics, machine vision, imaging, motion control and other automation technologies covered at Automate. The ISR also celebrated a gala dinner for the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) Joseph F. Engelberger Robotics Awards, the industry’s highest honor.


Held once every two years in the United States, Automate is the broadest automation solutions event in North America, affording the best overview of the entire industry.

Featuring the latest in cutting-edge robotics, vision, motion control, and related technologies, the event attracts thousands of visitors from around the world looking for ways to enhance their processes, improve product quality, lower costs, and sharpen their competitive edge.


Japan Robot Week 2018, as the exhibition specialized in service robots and robot-related technologies, has been held every following year of ‘International Robot Exhibition (iREX)’, and will mark its 4th exhibition this year.

It aims to facilitate active business discussions and technology exchanges in order to create a new robot business opportunity.

‘World Robot Summit 2018’, organized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and NEDO, will concurrently be held this year.


ROBOTWORLD is a major international robot show, which consists of exhibition, contest, and conference all-in-one. This is especially driven by the Korean government since 2006 to boost industry as a whole, which had been at its fledgling stage of development.

Robotic industry is regarded globally as explosion stage (Industrial robot by 16%, professional service robot by 24% increase in 2016, Source: IFR). Since 2012, Korean market has also promoted rapid growth and reached at the market size of 3.8 billion U.S. dollars.

As a global exhibition for domestic and international robot companies, ROBOTWORLD has been a reliable foundation of vitalizing business and robot demand expansion.

Various companies not only in industrial robots, but also service robots, robot parts & components and robot contents are participating in ROBOTWORLD. ROBOTWORLD, as the 13th event, will impress and satisfy you with customized marketing, openness, scalability and lead to beyond expectation and satisfaction.


WRS will bring together the world’s most advanced robots and robotic technologies along with researchers and developers of robots and key government and private industry players from around the world.

The Robot Excellence gathered here will face off in these competitions and exhibitions (through competitions, demonstrations, discussions and award presentations) to show the changes that will take place in industry, society and daily life.

As part of WRS, the World Robot Challenge will feature competitions in four categories:

Due Date: March 15, 2018 JST (will not be extended any more)

Industrial Robotics Category, Service Robotics Category, Disaster, Robotics Category, and Junior Category.

In addition, the World Robot Expo will feature special exhibitions of advanced robots and robotics technologies implemented in the area of the competition venue, along with regional exhibitions that offer examples of advanced robotics at work for society. The robot competition and exhibition will be held in coordination with each other. Moreover, researchers and developers of robots and key government and private industry players will come together from around the world in one location to exchange information on the current state of robots, discuss their future and offer ideas for the way forward.

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