SHAD opts for UR robot arms to optimize its manufacturing processes

Jun 19, 2015

SHAD, the leading European manufacturer of top and side cargo cases for motorcycles installs its first UR5 from Universal Robots in its factory in Mollet del Valles (Catalonia, Spain).

Universal Robots saves 9 hours of production time at Glidewell Laboratories

Jun 19, 2015

It usually takes five days from when a dentist sends an impression of a patient’s teeth to the lab, until the finished crown returns.

Potential and limitations of jigless robot welding

Jun 16, 2015

Jigless robot welding is one of the most demanding disciplines in the automation industry.

Yaskawa robots prove their worth under the toughest operating conditions

Jun 16, 2015

System supplier AutomationsRobotic has opened up a whole new dimension with its fully-automatic grinding cell for chassis components that offers 99.65 percent system availability.

ArcWorld makes it simple to adapt the flow according to the product mix

Mar 25, 2015

Hörle Automatic manufactures components for the automobile industry among others. The company has a wide range of machinery to enable fast and efficient production of both large and small volumes.

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